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  • Gracias, Thank you, Merci, Grazie.....

    Have a fabulous meal- Bon appetite

  • Dear Johnny,

    Thank-you for bringing "A Vision for a New America" to Muncie Indiana. I am still hearing the beautiful harmony as my friends sang  Fresh Wave Music with you. 

    I am excited about the ICR Resource Center and I expect it to blossom over night as your new friends here begin to forward their contacts to you. I can imagine no better way for those of us in the Healing Arts to remain connected with the ever evolving global current.

    With Heartfelt Gratitude I Thank-you for sharing this brilliant plan with the world.

    Namaste, Shari 


  • Almost a permanent resident here in New Zealand. Happy Birthday Johnny! You are doing such good work! Love, Mary
  • Hi John... and team thanks for adding me as a 'featured member' on the GRC site. I am looking forward to learn from all of you. Receive a "NAMASTE" form the Maya LAnd of The Forest...
  • Hi Johnny,

    One of my closest friends lives in Portland and absolutely loves it out there, she moved there about 2 years ago from England. The beautiful mountains and the mild winters, the progressiveness of the people in Oregon in education as well as socially - the more I hear about Oregon the more I love it. Why did you choose to move to Oregon over any other place?

    I have to say that I am thrilled to get your friend request, and it is more than I bargained for after following just a small snippet of the journey you've traveled since the presentation that you made on Sovereignty in 1995. I would love to ask you some questions about completing my own process for Sovereignty, would that be okay?

    Thanks for the friendship!

  • Hi Johnny, When you mentioned social networking, I thought maybe I had been one of the first to "sign up", and by the date, it appears so. I remember now, when I signed in, I could never figure out how to access anything except the newsletters. I am not too good at computer stuff, as you can see.........it is now 2 years later, and here we are! Sorry I am not much help, but if you ever need a wonderful intuitive, deep tissue massage................ give me a body, and I know what to do! I hope all is well and growing, abundant and prosperous, and that one day, I will get to Ashland! It is on my List! In the meantime, when did you say you were coming to Boulder? Better e-me the answer instead of me taking several days to figure out how to get back to this site!
  • Hi John David, and thanks for adding me as a 'featured member' on the GRC site. In many ways your ideas for the Resource Centers are much like the Community Learning and Information Centers that i and several others conceived of several years ago, and are now in the process of linking to the Future Dawning Virtual Learning Center and Think Tank -- but there are distinct differences as well. Our plans are to link with the TransitionUS movement and coordinate with the Hearts of Fire Project which is concerned with homeless issues.

    As well we are loosely linked with the Zeitgeist Movement and with the philosophy of Jacque Fresco as to establishing government by "conscious design," thus moving beyond one that is embedded in a constitution and the corporation which it was designed to support. One which many now feel is too narrow a vision for the multi-dimensional world in which we live today.

    So, interesting times we live in -- I am holding the field for the fullest potential to unfold in the events which have been set in motion at this time, in the best interests of all concerned. May we learn much on this journey we are embarking on which will take us into 2012 and beyond.

    For the past twelve years i have facilitated a private "Co-Learner's List" on the Internet. on it are some very high-profile scientists, including Patrick Flanagan, and i would like to subscribe you and begin sending the posts to the list in your directions as well. You may comment or send a new article out for comment by directing it to me at maryrose333@att.net. Try it for awhile and if you don't like it, you may "unsubscribe" at any time by sending a message to me with "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Looking forward to interacting with you and exchanging ideas.

    with love and in gratitude for all that you do. Mary Rose
  • hi Johnny! This is me taking a picture of me.....in Chino Canyon, San Jacinto State Park, about 9,000 feet up! I am still trying to find the picture of me last year in Idaho that i sent you. I think it got lost when my computer died.......................
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By Johnny Liberty

Author's Note: This 30th Anniversary edition of the Sovereign’s Handbook has been released not only as a special print edition, but as an affordable eBook to assure maximum distribution of the ideas behind the life’s work and vision of Johnny Liberty. This important work is an idea whose time has come once again. Together, may we “Make America Great Again”.

The united states of America is at the front lines…

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