Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

I heard someone say today, “Awww, that sucks; sometimes life gets in the way.”  I couldn’t help but chuckle.  How many of you have said this?  If you have or do say this, I hope what I have to say in this post will change your perception of life.  Find out what really gets in the way and how your perceptions have made your reality seem like life is getting in the way.

<= “This tree keeps getting in my way.”

I used to be a believer in fate.  It’s one of those undeniable forces that traps you in situations that you don’t want to be in and leaves you no exit plan.  It is what made me and what has made so many people feel helpless. It is the same belief that made me suicidal.

Life does not equal fate.  There is not some divine plan and in reality life is meaningless.  We as humans have created symbols with meaning and we have such active imaginations that we even believe that life is some creature sent here to destroy our plans. 

Life is life.  It is created with each new thought, word, and action in a magical matrix that we call our reality.  If there were a fate synonymous with the energy of life, what would be its intention and why in the world would it want to damn you forever entrapping you in agony as it repeatedly gets in your way?

In order for fate to be real it would have to wreak the same havoc on everyone ultimately dooming everyone to sadness and failure…but somehow this is not true.  Some are[...]   To read more click here

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