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Editor's Note: In the way of supporting our cause I posted this blurb on our local, regional, national and global resource center network and built a "portal" page. I also posted it on my Facebook and MySpace profile pages.

Beyond "Tea Parties." Beyond Elections. It's Time To Hold Our Government Accountable - Peacefully!

• Institutionalized Citizen Vigilance
• Defense of the Constitution
• Education of Our Nation

The We The People Congress is a nationwide, non-partisan, not-for-profit membership organization of constitutional activists committed to "institutionalizing" citizen vigilance through civic education, monitoring of governments, and organizing grassroots programs of civic resistance to confront and repel tyranny.

Based on the life work of Thomas Jefferson, the Congress is organized into local state and county "ward republics." The Congress works closely with the WTP Foundation to achieve its mission to restore Constitutional Order and reclaim Liberty.

Our current work focuses centrally around the long-forgotten First Amendment Right to Petition. The Congress is determined to resurrect the "Capstone Right" of the Bill of Rights as an exercise of the People's natural Right to Sovereignty over their servant governments.

The Right to Petition is the profound, peaceful and constitutional solution that will save our Republic and restore Constitutional Order to our nation. Read more...

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There is demand at all levels society for the unique political bridge-building experience developed by members of the Transpartisan Alliance. The skills, tools and know how for constructively engaging across divides to achieve greater collaboration are in demand at all levels of society, within and between all types of organizations. As part of its mission the Transpartisan Alliance offers consulting services to conference planners, conveners, organizers and design teams for: • Framing purpose, themes, intended outcomes and event invitations in ways that attract politically diverse participants • Designing meetings and gatherings that create the level of safety and trust needed to address and process the emotional wounds of division • Applying transpartisan design principles to producing gatherings that maximize opportunity to connect, dialogue, deliberate and explore opportunities to build relationships/partnerships/collaborative initiatives going forward Facilitators, trainers and speakers: Peter Hwosch Amanda Kathryn Roman Joseph McCormick Debilyn Molineaux Walt Roberts mc-banner-sidebar.gif
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