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10895904457?profile=originalHoping to sidestep these unpleasant effects, many people turn to natural remedies. Here are seven that may be effective for you. Read more...

  • Tai chi. The movements in Tai chi are slow and gentle, which makes the exercise perfect for arthritis patients. Early studies have found that Tai chi helped RA patients improve muscle function and stiffness, as well as reduce pain and stress levels. Numerous studies have agreed that exercise always helps, but Tai chi combines movement with focus, helping to not only improve joint function, but relax the body as a whole, which helps reduce pain.
  • Acupuncture. Several studies indicate that acupuncture is a good option for those with arthritis. One from China found that both traditional and electrical acupuncture reduced tenderness in patients with RA, and another from Germany found that acupuncture helped patients with OA to feel less pain and stiffness, and to enjoy improved joint function.
  • Magnets. A Harvard University study found that people with knee OA who wore a sleeve containing a high-powered magnet over the affected knee reported greater pain relief after four hours than those wearing a placebo knee sleeve. Other studies have been inconclusive. Magnets are said to work by stimulating the release of the body’s natural painkillers and increasing blood flow to the tissue. Many arthritis sufferers report that magnetic therapy is helpful. You can read more about it in the research reports of William Philpott, M.D., called “Magic of Magnetic Healing—The Real Magic Bullet.”
  • Ginger. Some studies have found evidence that ginger helps relieve arthritis pain. Japanese researchers note that red ginger (Zingiber officinale var. Rubra) is regularly used in Indonesian traditional medicine as a painkiller for arthritis. Other studies have found ginger to be comparable to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as it also inhibits Cox 1 and Cox 2 enzymes related to pain. Ginger extract also helps inhibit inflammation, and has been found in studies to relieve muscle pain. Try fresh ginger on foods, ginger tea, and ginger supplements of 30-500 mg daily.
  • Sam-e. A naturally occurring chemical in the body, Sam-e has been found in many studies to treat pain, stiffness, and joint swelling, while improving mobility and rebuilding cartilage. Clinical studies have found the supplement to work as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). A U.S. study found that it took longer to take effect, but when it did, it was as effective as Celebrex in reducing pain and improving joint function. Recommended doses are 400–1,200 mg per day—check with your doctor to avoid potentially dangerous interactions with other medications.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. The Mayo Clinic states that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce RA pain and stiffness. A 2011 study found that omega-3 in fish oil could substantially and significantly reduce the signs and symptoms of OA, as well as slow the progression of the disease. An earlier study also indicated that omega-3s can improve symptoms of RA, helping patients to rely less on NSAID pain relievers. Recommended dose is about 2,000 mg of omega-3 supplement 3 times a day, or one tablespoon of flaxseed oil a day.
  • Capsaicin cream. Capsaicin is an active compound in hot peppers, and when applied topically, has shown to help relieve the pain of arthritis. A 1991 study found that capsaicin cream was a safe and effective treatment for arthritis, reducing pain for most participants. A more recent study found that applying 0.0125% concentration capsaicin-containing gel over the knee three times a day for four weeks gives more pain relief compared to a placebo. Those with sensitive skin, however, should try just a small amount first, as some patients reported burning and stinging at the application site.

Source: Renegade Health

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At the sold-out Sacramento Bliss Conscious Communication Playshop recently, a budding Blissologist told our group that beggars really bother her, said she cannot relate to them, and asked, "What can we do about this"?

Few will deny that beggars are abounding. In fact, beggary may be the fastest growing profession in the USA today. How can beggars positively contribute to the emerging ecstatic economy? Read on to discover how.

Having abided in third world countries for nearly a decade, I grew accustomed to the omnipresence of beggars. In India, I observed myriad anomalies, yet generally three kinds of beggars, namely 1. spiritual sadhus, 2. deformed performers, and 3. those who are down and out temporarily or permanently such as single mothers with young children, the mentally ill, and the elderly.

Important Observation: within two generations the majority of this new, rising phenomenon of widespread American beggars have the option to ascend into the first type of mystic beggars who bless, amuse and offer inspiration to passerby's or to descend into the abysmal practice of cutting off limbs of their children or otherwise graphically mutilating their family members, including themselves, for the purpose of evoking monetary pittances from unsuspecting, compassionate passerbyers.

"I am A Beggar Too" song by Happy Oasis (mp3)

I have seen this first hand in many third world nations. Now that you know this great potential for tragedy or sagacity, it is ALL OF OUR response-abiilty to inspire and train the up-and-coming growing class of beggars. This includes YOU by response-ably educating beggars or begging response-ably yourself wherever you go in every conversation in which beggars come up. Instead of apathetically, fearfully, disgustedly or annoyingly passing by a beggar, it is our joyous duty to inspire beggars to inspire others.

For example, I told a young, strong-looking 20-something years young beggar that if he could say something inspiring ~  anything at all ~ I would give him a dollar.He said he could not think of anything positive to say. I told him I would come back with the dollar the next day. Upon seeing him in the morning, he beamed. "Good Morning, Happy! Isn't it a beautiful day?"  A dollar was dropped in his bowl. He beamed.

We all know professional women (and men) who would donate an offering to a beggar to compliment and/or inspire them as they enter their office building in the morning. How many people could benefit from hearing a compliment when walking down the sidewalk? Why stop at compliments? What about jokes? Poems? Prayers? Blessings? Philosophical Inspirations?

Moreover, the most stirring lines of classical and spiritual literature can be joyfully shouted out to someone walking by.

With persistent uplifting encouragement and suggestions from everyone of us,
America's beggars can be esteemed, valuable members of society as some of the greatest poets, mystics, comedians, friends and sages of this century, just as many beggars are in India today, a spiritual tradition that has endured there for millenia.

Think of the influence beggars could make by uttering a profound phrase from Thoreau or Hafiz or Swami Beyondananda before someone enters a courthouse. The simple act of instilling a slice of wisdom or joy into a judge, lawyer, prosecutor or defendant entering the court house could make an impact in legal decisions and consequently, lives.

Revealing it is that the root of the verb "beg" orginated from the Latin "bede" and means "to pray". The word bead also comes from "bede". What is the correlation of begging, praying and beads? They were considere the same activity. Today in India, millennium or two later, beggars are still the ones who pray for everyone in their midst while wearing and rubbing beads while begging. Today is an opportune day for us to re-ignite the tradition of such holy men and women in America.

Beggars are often the ones with the most time on their hands with their ears to the ground. Why not train them to lovingly let the rest of us know what's happening in the world? "Be sure to wear your coat tomorrow, Sir. The forecast is snow."

Have you considered giving a literate book-loving beggar one of your favorite books to read aloud to you or others next time you walk by? Most beggars are in need of friends, family and income-earning ideas. We can let them know that by reciting inspirational or humorous lines that their pay will likely increase. In addition, they will benefit the world, make new friends, inspire old 'customers', elicit smiles, catalyze conversations and giggles, and meanwhile feel happier about themselves as valuable contributors to society.

We need not beg to be able to bless and bliss everyone we meet. Sharing little kindnesses is the basis of the emerging ecstatic economy. How we speak to each other will soon become more important than almost any other aspect of living.

Why are the poor of Africa and Asia considered to be among the happiest people on the planet? Because, despite circumstances, they cannot afford anything but to live in a continuous state of joyful, love, humor and kindness. I have lived among the "poorest" and the happiest. They treat each other as if they are in the presence of royalty, because they are. We are. Every one of us.

Realizing all this, Blissology University, Bliss U is in its founding state. One branch of it will soon offer a free course regarding "How To Be A Beautiful Beggar", including, most importantly, how the rest of us inspire beggars.

What does beggary have to do with the Raw Spirit Community News? This is the Community News after all. At our most recent Bliss Shop, a dynamic conversation broke out about beggars. Some said they never give to beggars. Some said they always give, which is wonderful, if it is possible.

I pointed out that in India before approaching a prominent temple, there can be a line of 1000 beggars. One could spend all day every day just giving to beggars, and then join them (!), due to consequently being completely penniless oneself. The massive numbers of beggars in India teaches us to be intuitive. Who really really needs these rupees the most? Not from egoic judgement, and outside appearances, but coming from an deep place of spiritual insight. This inspires us to spontaneously connect with source.

In this way, the presence of beggars can teach us to be present, to go within, to get in touch with our mystical wisdom so that we can respond originally in each moment rather than reacting or following a prescribed system of "always giving to beggars" or "never giving" or "once a week" or "only organic gmo-free apples or avocados with leaves of kale".  Any habit is a kind of opt out for having to think afresh.

With beggars, being conscious or unconscious can make a huge difference in someone's life. It is also important to refrain from always giving a habitual amount. "I always give a dollar" or "my spare change" or "organic gmo-free kale leaves and an avocado". There could be one beggar among many in extra real need. A quarter does not buy anything these days, and one is hard pressed to eat much with a dollar. It is not an equal world; however, regardless of appearances, we can be open to co-creating moments of mysterious, kindness, compassion, connection, beauty and joy. The subject of beggars, if handled well, can serve to uplift our spirits and inspire smiles upon the faces of America. This way we can all be "smile millionaires", bliss billionaires, and life-style godzillionaires.

Let us bliss forth and inspire our brother and sister beggars with blissful begging tips and healthy organic gmo-free offerings, not only today, but for the rest of our lives.

Source: Raw Spirit Community News

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Thank you for being the heart's harvest of this bountiful season! An interview yesterday afternoon with Gangaji in the garden of her simple, elegant, antique home office in Ashland, Oregon reminds us that we are the treasure and the trove. With a subtle shift of perspective, we are free in each moment to give up futile pleasures to enter the inner palace of ceaseless bliss.

Loved by millions, renowned spiritual teacher Gangaji is "one ofAmerica's most pragmatic, homeostatic ecstatics" (according to me) in that she not only loves to effortlesslly meditate moment-to-moment, enjoying almost every aspect of creation; she also loves to run, to laugh, and to nourish her body temple with a raw vegan-friendly diet. Results?

Approaching 70, Gangaji is virtually wrinkle-free and glowing with youth. Gangaji offers a fresh message of sanity and serenity via yesterday's intimate acoustic garden interview. Gangaji just released her new book "Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story." www.

Source: Raw Spirit Community News

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