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Because…I Lost Control of My Life

We think of losing control as being a bad thing.  Since we were young children we have been trained to never lose control.  Don’t lose control of your bladder!  Don’t let yourself get histerical!  Don’t grab things, shout, run in random directions, grab your penis/vagina; and especially, most importantly, do not lose your grip on the reigns of life.  Many experience this feeling of being out of control, but few understand what is really going on when the chaos is overwhelming one’s life.

Many of us have felt overwhelmed; like you just want to crawl into a hole and come out when everything is over.  Well, sorry to tell you my friend; the show must go on and you are the lead role.  Besides…you aren’t furry and mouse-like are you?

No!  You are The Beast; the Wonder Woman of toughness and badassness!  And I’m going to tell you just how to be this tough and this badass when[...] Click Here to view the rest of this post

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