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By Dan Cordona MD

imageLike most holiday seasons these days, the ads on- and offline for Valentine’s Day remind me how much has been lost about the origins of holiday rituals. Like nearly all holidays in the modern era, Valentine’s Day has a pagan origin, then was disguised and converted to a religious holiday, and finally a commercial “holiday.”

The most commonly accepted origin of Valentine’s Day is the Roman pagan holiday of Lupercalia, in which young women would place their names in a box and each man would draw a name for the sensual festivities that followed!

The Valentine’s Day heart symbol is also a clue to its origin, which symbolized the shared energetic connection between a male and female in an erotic embrace. Because the erotic energy generated between a man and woman is the most creative power on Earth, the pagan rituals were centered around converting (transmuting) this energy for purposes of fertility of the land, prosperity for the people, and health and abundance for the couple in the erotic embrace.

The secrets of transmuting this erotic energy have been forgotten among the masses and now practiced among only a few in the modern era. This is unfortunate because erotic energy used only for the pursuit of more and more intense sensual pleasure is well known to destroy kingdoms, careers, marriages and ultimately the health of the physical body.

On the other hand, when the energy created between a man and woman in an erotic embrace is “harvested” the couple can transmute this energy to whatever the couple wishes, from health to financial abundance, and everything in between. 

Source: Sacred Secrets of Sex & Love Blog


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