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By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

ow we wash our clothes intimately reflects the quality of our relationship with nature, joy and life. My Beloved, Johnny Light, and I are traveling indefinitely in our cozymost, humble, little eco-rv, fondly called our "Creational Vehicle". Arriving at a new town today, the appeal of going to a laundromat feels less than tantalizing.

For 20 joyous years I lived out of a backpack, two-booting it around the planet, gladly washing my two changes of clothing by hand in mountaintop stream springs near forest fire lookout towers, in East Indian riverfront ashrams' community baths, Buddhist Thai and Burmese jungle temples' pools, beneath Malaysian island waterfalls, between venerable trees at Mexican mortar and pestle outdoor 'laundromats', occasionally doing the twist with a foot in each bucket, sometimes resorting to the loveliest and laziest of all: swimming in my dresses.

Just between us, I'd like to share this private conversation with my beloved.

"Happy, Did you say, 'Wash our clothes in the river?' Why would we do that?, he winced. "Nobody washes their clothing by hand!"

"All of humanity has been washing its clothes by hand," I reminded him, "for several millennia, except a recent abberation where in a few dozen countries washing machines have gained popularity for the last 60 years ~ a mere drop in the bucket of humanity's timeline."

"At the laundromat it takes only an hour and a half," he reasoned.

10895904863?profile=original"If we do it together," I smilingly persisted, "it will take us only about 20 vigorous minutes of dunking, scrubbing, splash-slapping and squeeze-wringing". "Then," I explained, "we simply spread the clothes out on the largest, darkest, hottest boulders. After a half hour we flip the clothing. After an hour in the tepid weather, our clothing will be as if starch-dried, stiff as a board, and crisp as raw crackers!"

"What about the ecology?", he wondered aloud, not convinced.

"Exactly. Imagine this. No industrial machines. No electricity. No grumbling, rumbling noises. No detergent. No whizzing traffic. No dreary ambiance. No coins. $10 saved and better spent elsewhere on green drinks and smoothies."

"I mean, what about getting soap in the river?"

"We use no soap at all," I said. "Yet, the aroma of clean river-washed, sun-dried clothing exudes the freshest scent imaginable!"

"With our clothing strewn across the boulders, people will think we're from the Backwaters of Goodness-Knows-Where."

"We will be in the backwaters. People will think we're living in a state of joyful wild abandon."

"We are!", he exclaimed. "Every day!"

"And night", I added.

"What kind of wild adventure are you taking me on next?"

"What you will find most precious of all, Treasured Beloved, is how we enjoy our time while "waiting" for the sunshine to do the work. At Nature's River Laundromat, we are free to dip our feet into the river, listen to the giggling currents, gaze at the water shimmer-glistening..."

"...We are free to swim, splash and stretch; to sunbathe alongside our clothes; pick fat blackberries, suck on wild grapes, and feast on succulent figs, maybe even hike to some hidden valley with a guitar and songs in our hearts… we could possibly even make beautiful love in a secret spot beneath the trees."

"All this while waiting for our laundry to dry?," he smiled.

"Yes! Or we could just go to a laundromat if you find that more inspiring." ~ Happy

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1) Why did the melon cross the road? To prove it wasn't a chicken.

2) How do bananas greet each other? With a banana shake.

3) Why did the pineapple go out with a prune? Because he couldn't find a  date.

4) Why did the tomato turn red? Because she saw the salad dressing.

5) What kind of flower looks out of place in a vase? A cauliflower.

6) How did the blond woman break her leg raking leaves?
She fell out of the tree.

7) Another blond woman was driving speedily along a road when a police officer pulled her over. He asked to see her driver's license. She fumbled in her large purse, found her wallet and discovered that her driver's license wasn't in it. The blond woman bobbed her head from side to side while saying, "I don't remember if I left it in my home at the office." The police office rolled his eyes, and said, "Lady, I'm going to have to see some form of photo i.d."  She fumbled in her large purse again, found her compact, looked lovingly into its little mirror, then handed it to the police officer. He looked in the mirror for a spell, then slapped closed the compact and handed it back to the blond woman. He said, "Sorry Lady, If I'd known you were an officer, I would have never pulled you over."  (The officer was a brunette.)

8) What happened to the raw vegan-friendly dog who could not bite into the organic watermelon? She became a melon collie.

9) What did one mildly-romantic melon say to the other? I'm sorry honey dew, I canteloupe.

10) Health Tip: Keep in mind that eating your lawn is more nutritious than mowing it

11) Glad Recipe: Fresh Organic Lawn Juice. This is not a joke. Weeds & grasses create a powerful cleanse.

12) An organic salad walks into a bar. "Sorry" says the bartender. "We don't serve food here."

13) Practice safe eating - always use *condiments.  [*preferably organic local raw vegan-friendly]

14) How to be chubby on a raw vegan diet? Be a light eater. When it gets light, start eating.

15) My wife is on a fruitarian ditto ~ coconuts, papayas and bananas. She hasn't lost weight, but she can now climb a tree.




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Being a True Human Being

Galaxy NGC

By Johnny Light

Been developing several blogs for "Being a True Human" and "Practices for Beloveds." I intend to create a book, audio/video course and seminar related to this topic next year. This is part of my work in emerging consciousness personally and in the world.

Let's explore beloved friendship without boundaries inspired by the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, eternally connected to source. These two books have been a source of continual insight and revelation. Photo: Galaxy NGC

"It doesn't matter if you've broken your vow a thousand times. Still come, and yet again, come." - Rumi The Book of Love, Translated by Coleman Barks

"I am A hole in a flute That the Christ's breath moves through. Listen to this Music." - Hafiz from The Gift, Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Thanks for being you and living life from the soul.

Loving you no matter what,
--John David Van Hove (aka Johnny Light/Liberty/Love/Wisdom)

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Jackie Graff has been teaching raw food preparation and food science for more than a decade. An RN with 40 years’ experience in various areas of patient care and education, Ms. Graff is considered one of the country’s top raw food chefs and nutrition consultants.

Gideon Graff, alongside Jackie, has taught raw food preparation for almost a decade. His roles include raw food chef, health coach, and director of Sprout Raw Food, the Graff’s consulting and raw food catering and distribution business. He has served as an instructor for Hallelujah Acres® Culinary Academy. Gideon has 35 years experience in food and hospitality management.

Accomplished public speakers, they experienced in both conference planning and fund raising. Previously, Gideon and Jackie co-founded and operated the Sprout Café and Shinui Living Food Learning Center, a first-of-its kind center devoted to teaching and promoting the raw food lifestyle in Roswell, Georgia. Together they lost weight, and eliminated many physical problems, resulting in them no longer requiring blood pressure, cholesterol and other medications. They attribute their healthy state to eating raw foods and invite you to their classes in Miami, FL and Roswell, GA. Visit their website for a complete schedule of upcoming classes.

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WalterUrbanCR-288.jpg?width=288Originally from the USA, after 12 years in Costa Rica, Dr. Walter Urban, a former Raw Spirit presenter, is opening up his many properties to commence  raw vegan-spiritual communities. Dr. Walter is offering various properties for sale or joint ventures to qualified, motivated, serious, committed buyers. A raw foodist for more than 50 years (!) and prior owner of a health spa in CA, Dr. Walter is registered with the Medical Board of California. He has a government license for the ENERGY OF LIFE INSTITUTE in Costa Rica and is interested in selling these special properties or co-creating intentional communities focused on health, spirituality, raw food, and beyond.

1) 85 acres of mountain side with 2 drinkable springs $500,000.

2) 9 acres with renovated mansion, small house, studio, cabin, workshop, organic greenhouse and farm with stream and bridge on paved road, bus to front door, total of 8 bedrooms and 7 baths, 18 ft ceilings in living room, etc. unique property $1,495,000.

3) 30 acre organic farm with 9 available lots on part of property, various fruit trees, etc. property has small farm house, lot sizes start at 2000 M2 and up and start at $ 35,000 and  can be sold separately, entire 30 acres including 9 lots $435,000, excellent soil and climate on hillside, very private.

4) 9 acres divided in 3 lots, with orange, banana, plaintains each lot is 2 1/2 acres or more, prices are $45,000, $50,000 and $55,000, all  3 lots together $125,000.

5) 25 jungle acres with 250 ft waterfall and natural pool at bottom $440,000.

6) $250,000 for 4 bedroom, 3 bath house in town of San Isidro De General, Costa Rica. Access via paved road. Features mango, papaya and lemon trees.

Walter is open to all possibilities to qualified, serious, motivated inquiries only please. I have a Costa Rican government license for the Energy of Life Institute with the intention of creating a Raw Foods & Healing Center. My master builder and organic farmer are included.

These properties are in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica, and near the city of San Isidro De General, Costa Rica.

Also For Sale: Our small farm in Colombia near Medellin with 17-bed farm house, great for workshops and retreats.

Financial investment required, open to exchanges and your business ideas. Blessings, with peace, love and spirituality,
~ Dr. Walter Urban

Email: OR Skype: doctorwalter1

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EarthImage.png?width=288By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

Happy: What an unusual name, Hasher pronounced (Ah-sure) Eyanu?
Ashay :
My name is rooted in a Hebrew prayer of giving thanks when one comes upon an unexpected special blessing.
Beautiful. What inspired you to create your first New Earth Festival coming up Sept 14 - 16th?
The intention is to plant a seed in the fabric of reality.
Which seed?
The seed of consciously-cooperative culture. Many of us live a compulsively competitive lifestyle, engrained to compete and be highly individualistic. The New Earth Festival is an example of how we can live every day consciously cooperating and collaborating.
So refreshing. This reminds me of the inspiration behind the Raw Spirit Festival as it leapt into being. Ashay, you are a promising (young) man of many talents - a raw chocolatier, a gardener of this juicy organic watermelon that I'm about to enjoy with friends among other fruits and organic vegetable people grown on your one-acre farm. I see that you also make reputedly wicked home brews, mostly herbs with minimal hops or alcohol, among many other creative offerings.
I am also a cranial sacral practitioner practicing in a private membership health group that inspired me to make the festival owned by private community members. Another project I recently created is this weekly CommunityShare market, where everyone who participates pays $1 to become a member every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm here at the Stone House, in Nevada City, CA. In these days of ever greater restrictions, this kind of organization allows us more regulatory freedom with buying and selling produce, other goods and services. Happy, I'm looking forward to your "PlayShop For Blissologists" at The New Earth Fest!

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DrElizabethLambaer.png?width=288By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

Dr. Elizabeth, What's the bliss?
Dr. Elizabeth:
I'm completing my first book, Skinnydipping In The Fountain of Youth: Seven Keys to Eternal Radiance.
What a fantastic title. I'm inspired to read it already. When will it be finished?
Dr. E:
It will be finished, as you love to say, in "PDT", Perfect Divine Timing.
Dr. Elizabeth, you live up to your exuberant book title. I'm wondering why you are so dang energized and so incredibly beautiful? Have you ever fasted?
Dr. E:
Yes, after doing the first juice fast, it was as if I had plugged myself into a light socket. My cells get so excited to receive such food in this way.
Which foods are you referring to that give you the greatest strength?
Dr. E: I've been on 100% living foods for years. Fruits and vegetables.
Besides strength, joy, health and beauty, what else does dining on fruits and vegetables do for you?
Dr. E:
Living foods burst my pineal gland wide open. It helped me to remember my inherent intuition. I'm a second generation medical intuitive. I can now help guide people. My father is very third dimensional, rooted in religion, and a phenomenal diagnostic physician. Due to his keen perceptions, I asked him not so long ago if he uses a power greater than himself. "Do you use your intuition?", I asked. He answered, "I always get  a hunch."
What else have you learned from your father?
Dr. E:
That if challenges arise with family members, we can remember to ask, "What is the gift in this relationship?"
What are your healthiest habits?
Dr. E:
Being willing to be open to the possibility of saying "Yes" when I've previously been saying "No"; living from the heart, and dancing. I started dancing at age 40. I started interviewing people who have done extraordinary things. When I turned 50, I was told I would be a circuit speaker within 6 months. And I was! Part of my mission is to demonstrate that a woman can be more beautiful in her 50s than she ever has been in her life. There are a zillion expressions of beauty. The question is, is she in her joy? Any woman who is in her joy is absolutely radiant and also absolutely undeniable. I love boogie boarding and swimming in the ocean.  I love to see how much stronger I can be today than yesterday. I am going to dance rehearsal tonight with women who are half of my age. I love being on stage because I know that the Universe expresses its love and joy through me. It is about shifting our choices from fear to love. I rely on joy and also on service. If i can inspire and remind people to do whatever they love, that is delicious to me. We can all ask, "How much younger, stronger, kinder, deeper, more loving, more radiant, more beautiful can I express today?"
Wow. Inspiring.
Dr. E:
It's so much fun realizing that we have the capacity to get better every day.
What is your observation of what is happening in America these days and do you have any suggestions?
Dr. E: I am going to the place that is health and wellness. I am observing people committing to jobs they don't' love, and lives they don't love by watching tv, eating dead (cooked) foods, and consuming pharmaceuticals. I would love to see everyone opening up to what gift that each would love to give to the world. I suggest that each of us move forward with our heart, just doing what we love. If everyone chooses to live and lead with lovingkindness, compassion and joy, together we can create heaven on Earth.
I can hear the angels applauding.
Dr. E:
I was so inspired being part of the Wise Wild Women's Panel at Raw Spirit Fest this last New Year's in Phoenix, Arizona. Happy, let's have a Wise Wild Women's Panel soon on the Dr. Elizabeth show!
Contact: • Call: 310.383.8764 • Website:

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JohnHapJumping-288.jpg?width=288By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

Welcome to the Ecstatic Earth Economy. In this amazing Oregon & Northern California summer, we feel something different is going on: the Earth is rejoicing!


  • Frequent aromatic fragrances are wafting through the air, no longer of fuel, but of flowers and trees! Yes, indeed, we are smelling the bark, needles, flowers, fruits, leaves and cones of trees and shrubberies. The flora, clear skies and very air are rejoicing. Thanks to the price of gas, roads are slowly emptying, sidewalks are filling. People are walking. Stopping. And talking.
  • Once-steady, grumbling, dusty logging trucks carrying wooden carcasses are now a rarity. The forests are growing, waving and rejoicing. People are using less paper. The building craziness is over. People are hiking and camping.
  • Lumber mills and factories are now historical relics. Forest have grown over them with hardly a trace. Once-polluted and desecrated mining rivers are today pristine-looking, clean, transparent and sparkling as we've never seen before in modern America. The clear waters are rejoicing. People are swimming and bathing in nature, drinking from springs and showering in the falls.
  • With California's labeling of GMOs on the ballot, awareness of the importance of non-gmos and organics is encouraging. Farmers Markets are quietly flourishing. People are farming, foraging, growing gardens, sprouts and sharing, it seems, more than ever. The quality of locally-grown produce is a scrumptious testimony at every meal, reaching new heights of artistic expression and appreciation.
  • We dine by candlelight with hints of forest moonlight rather than succumb to florescent or incandescent battery & bulb glow. We play music and sing with each other more often than listening to music recorded elsewhere at another time. We walk through wild places in the dark and read, write and recite poetry, create stories, dance with the leaves. We use a mere gallon or two of water and the rest flows abundantly awaiting all at the river. We love going to the bank ~ the river bank ~ to get wet. We tinkle gingerly in the forest. We women are using wash cloths rather than paper. We are lightening our foot print upon the earth. The blackberries are abundant almost everywher. The acorns have profusely fallen right beneath our toeses, as if they are the original soaking almonds redeeming themselves, if we only we remember. The Earth is rejoicing, the ancient Spirits of native peoples are smiling, and we are joining in! ~ With Loving Grins from, Happy Oasis (with Johnny Light & Fabulous Friends)
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Bali-SpiritPhoto-Credit-Goran.jpg?width=288By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

Happy: Good Tidings, luminous Larisa! What lights up your life?

Larisa: Love. Pretty Simple. (She laughs) That's all it is. (Ponderous silence.) How to fill myself up.

H: How do you fill yourself up?

L: Listening. (She listens for the answer.) Moving energy through. 

H: Mmmm. How do you seem to so easily and continuously access the infinite wellspring of love & joy?

L: There are a lot of tools. 

H: For example?

L: For example, I shake my body to realign my nervous system to let loose of any undesirable energetics, including emotions emanating from people passing by. I literally shake them off. 

H: Intriguing. (Shaky, breathy, giggling) I'm trying it now. Anything else?

L: Rudra Breath… and Ponglin as taught by the Dalai Lama… [Larisa rapidly continued with a lengthy, luscious list of seemingly exotic means of experiencing a virtually continuous state of joyful lovingkindness.]

H: What are your subjects of enthusiasm? 

L: Creativity. Writing. Community. [Larisa would pause to ponder between each thought, hence the punctuation.] I live in community constantly. This is huge.  Music. Prayer. Meditation. Sunshine. Nature. I love being in nature. I my back yard [behind her fairy tale-esque home in Long Beach, CA] a butterfly just hung out on my hand for 40 minutes.

H: What is the greatest focus of your enthusiasm?

L: Being a Puppet of Love for Spirit. (We giggle.)
H: I can vouch for that. What is your Joy Of Being?

L: I'm having a love affair with myself right now. Listening to what moves through movement by movement.

H: Such as?

L: New poetry and songs.

H: Would you please share a few of your newest lyrics?

L: I'm just finishing a song about Tara, Goddess of Love and Forgiveness. This is the first time sharing these lyrics. "There's a ring of light in a beggar's gaze; a speaker of truth in the addict's haze; there's a free soul in every rusted cage… Om Tara Om" [lyrics ™ by Larisa Stow].

H: So beautiful. Sounds as if they were inspired by your work in prisons, yes? Would you update us about your soulful, heart-opening rock and healing kirtan concerts 'behind bars'?

L: Wishing to broaden our Shakti Tribe Peace Outreach to more prisons, we are now offering concerts under our friend's Wisdom Spring non-profit. If you know of any prisons or anyone who might have contacts, we'd like to expand. It's quite a process.

H: It can be almost as difficult getting into prisons as getting out. Larisa, You have a full, creative lifestyle, including leading retreats to Bali and Idyllwild, CA as well as being a fulltime loving mother, wife, beloved, life mentor, kundalini yoga teacher, phenomenal musician, and treasured friend to many. What inspires you to do all of this?

L: I get deeply touched by people having "Aha!" moments. (Larisa pauses one last time). It's fun! (She giggles).

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By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

Born the Middle East (Indiana), highly-entertaining and well-informed, Katharine Clark is not only a gourmet raw chef with 25 years of innovative recipes, but also also a professor of algae, a cosmopolitan traveler, and fascinating encyclopedia of health and nutrition with whimsical twists for fun, love and adventure.

Katharine recently completed two years as the Health Education Director at the Hipppocrates Health Institute in Florida. In July, Dr. Gabriel Cousens invited Katharine to speak as the sole female presenter at the Elders Conference at the Tree of Life. It's easy to imagine that dynamic Katharine could be an even more famous circuit speaker. Perhaps she is too free-spirited and too humble to take such ambitions seriously?

H: Katharine, What's inspiring you these days?
K: How many new and young raw fooders there are! A growing number of bloggers are not so knowledgeable, jumping on and off a healthy diet, but are very popular - which is amazing.
H: Perhaps because they are ridiculously honest?
K: Yes.
H: Katharine, What lights up your life?
K: Nature. Friends.

Katharine and I shared stories of the heart about our treasured friendships with many raw leaders including Dr. Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, and Viktoras Kulvinskas - the original presenters at the first Raw Spirit Festival back in May of 2005. As we spoke about the unfolding of relationships, we call now on all Raw Spirit leaders to lead by example regarding honoring differing perspectives, arousing the compassion that begets forgiveness, dignified respect, and unconditional lovingkindness. After all, We Are One LovIng Being expressing its magnificence in so many marvel-us ways. We are Godus.

We talked about the joys and challenges of creating community event, when Katharine surprised me.

K: The greatest thing about Raw Spirit Festival was that all the leaders were there. Raw Spirit was the first and only event that brought everyone from around the world together.
H: Interesting. Viktoras Kulvinskas and Gabriel Cousens, who have been the Raw Movement for decades, told me the same thing. Dozens of Raw Spirit leaders have asked me how the apparently-miraculous Raw Spirit gatherings happened year after year. Behind the scenes, as you know, Katharine, that I realized the only way I could pull it off was by the spiritual practice of radiating love while eating one's ego. I learned this while living at ashrams and at a particular Buddhist monastery in Thailand on and off for many years. With love filling my heart I consciously took responsibility and expressed my sorrow again and again for wrongs that I did not commit, and acted as a mediator between countless opposing parties. Thereby I willingly became a door mat, and eventually became the Raw Spirit Movement's most popular scapegoat. What an honor! (giggle) in order to bring us all together in relative peace and loving harmony to actualize the miraculous with 'education inspiration and celebration'.

Katharine shared how she founded and managed smaller events. After just a short while, she said she was disrespected by the entire group of about 100 participants who, unaware of the expenses, inaccurately imagined that she was raking in too much money. The next year Katharine wisely handed over the reins to the group to discover the challenges of event management for itself. Without Katharine's guidance and highly-energetic focus, the group failed. Spectacularly.

For decades I've wondered, Why is it that in Asia the ashrams, monasteries and even businesses often succeed for centuries? The followers respect the wisdom of the leaders. Here the youth and uniformed are sometimes less humble, respectful, or ready to help make things better. Instead it's vogue among some to complain and disdain without understanding. This attitude may be harming America more than any other factor. The leaders who are doing their best in all fields often lack support, so many of the best businesses are now on cosmic vacation.

H: After you leave summer Ashland, Oregon, what's next, my friend?
K: I love to live in summer around the year. My life is very open.
H: Your life always seems open. That's one of many reasons why I love you!
K: This autumn I'll be on a speaking tour of the East Coast.
H: Speaking about...?
K: "How Raw & Living Food Can Put You In The Mood!"
H: Any hints for how the readers can increase libido?
K: Durians. Figs contain seeds like little ovaries. Eating nuts increases libido, especially for men.
H: Men have nuts. They need to feed them.
K: Exactly. (giggle) For vitality, greens and sprouts.
H: A large bunch of parsley blended with water is apparently a great Viagra substitute. Katharine, you are so vibrant yourself. What are you eating for breakfast these days?
K: Chia and nutmilk, sometimes fermented like yogurt with local blackberries or other sub-acid fruits. Blackberry smoothies. Herbal teas with super blue green algae.

Since we both prefer summerlike weather we shared a few ideas of where we might meet in the tropics this winter. That Katharine has enjoyed ample sunshine in her life is evident in the warmth of her smile and sunlike sparkle in her eyes. If you'd like to book Katharine to present at your conferences health spa, yoga studio, home event, etc, call 808.280.8414 or

Katharine Clark is such a brilliant thinker and engaging communicator that I could have asked her questions all day, had not the phone rang. It was the amazing love-musician Larisa Stow calling for her interview which will be featured in next week's Raw Spirit Community News.

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JohnHapJumping-288.jpg?width=288By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

Dear Godzillionaire,

"My aim has never been to be a millionaire.
And I've succeeded!"
~ Happy Oasis

"Being a millionaire is just too limited. Instead, I am a lifestyle godzillionaire. And so are you. How? Oddly. By being a minimalist. As a hiking guide in the Himalayas, while removing ~ to my clients' astonishment ~ their excess backpacking items, I used to advise that "every ounce counts." Dear Reader, can you carry all of your essentials on your back? Why wait? It's SMF. So Much Fun.

The lighter our load, the easier, the smoother, the faster, and the happier we can move through life. I lived out of a backpack for nearly twenty years! I was homeless yet called myself an "Adventure Anthropologist" while exploring, entrepreneuring and volunteering my way around the world. Freedom is the greatest joy. If we can run like gazelles, we can be our own Ferraris, crossing any terrain, far beyond where cars can go, with easeful grace.

My wealth has always been priceless, and available to all who choose to live amidst nature's splendors. I love the simplicity of abiding for this entire year in our "creational vehicle", a humble eco-rv with phenomenal gas mileage.

One measure of wealth is what we can do without. The less we need, the greater our freedom. I love to bathe in rivers, lakes, ocean and streams, so have no need of a shower, which regardless of the marble and glass, seems like a ridiculous poor person's little box after living so long in magnificent wilderness. Moreover, swimming across a lake is better exercise than taking a shower.

I love to bask in a perfect blend of sacred silence, poetry and music with an exquisite treasure trove of the most precious, chosen-with-care, amazingly-loving, brilliantine, friends radiating a kind heart and creative edge. I am a magnet for the most fascinating luminaries which is likely why you are reading this!

How can we enjoy the elegance of less-is-more with diet too? I feel best eating less and very simply. I habitually eat only when hungry. If we habitually eat before hunger arises, something is miss-firing. To get back on track, best to drink ample water, perhaps enjoy a slice of watermelon or a celery stick at most. Lack of mild hunger means its time to exercise ~ vigorously ~ at least an hour or two each miraculous day. These dawns and dusks I love to run like a wild animal along streams or mountain paths ablaze with flowers." ~ spontaneous interview with myself, Happy Oasis.

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By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

Laura Fox's enthusiastic focus on Best Of Raw also continues to inspire us here(!), especially that the "Best Of" Awards are deepening from joyful, playful competition into also including social action awards as was the initial dream of Raw Spirit years ago!

You may recall when Raw Spirit proposed on the back of our event programs in 2005, 2006 and 2007, in the spirit of The Noble Peace Prizes, these categories: the Raw Spirit Children's Outreach Award, Raw Spirit Prison Outreach Award, Raw Spirit Hospital Outreach, Raw Spirit School Lunch & Education OutReach, Raw Spirit College & University  Outreach, Raw Spirit Church Outreach, Raw Spirit Africa, Raw Spirit China, Raw Spirit India, Raw Spirit Elder Care, and Many More.

To our surprise, almost nobody nominated anyone for these noble and compassionate awards. As our community continues to expand and diversify, may it also be maturing by nurturing not just the hip and happening, but all of humanity, including those ill, forgotten, misunderstood and otherwise disadvantaged.


Best of Raw 2012 Season Announcement:
5th Annual Awards Celebration for the Plant Based Raw Foods Movement In Development

Contact: Laura Chiraya Fox 310-460-9987

Founder of Best of Raw Laura Fox announces the 5th Annual 2012 Season for the Best of Raw Foods Awards, the annual online awards contest and Gala for the plant based Raw Foods Movement. In its 5th year, Best of Raw welcomes partner Michael Shields of Earth and the Next Society, a band whose music is the raw vegan icing on the top of the cake of fulfilling the mission. And what is the mission of Best of Raw? To help restore the health of humanity and the health of the planet by encouraging people everywhere to add more raw organic plant foods to the diet. Eating all or mostly raw vegan or beegan is "The Sustainable Feast." We not only assist our bodies in reclaiming higher vibrancy, health, mental and emotional well-being; we also reduce our impact on the planet, by simplifying our way of eating. When we also reach for local organic foods in their natural raw state, we've just reduced our footprint dramatically in the arenas of packaging, shipping, processing, marketing and more, as well as enhanced the energy of our body's biofields by putting into this sacred temple foods that have a pure, strong biofield, thus adding unto our physical well-being instead of taking away from it, as processed cooked foods do.

Best of Raw celebrates everyone's initiatives towards a healthier diet and eco-footprint. In other words, whether you are simply adding more raw to the diet, reaching for a healthier way of life, or are all raw vegan, we encourage you to have fun nominating your favorites and voting in the contest.

People, Places, Products and Media of the plant based raw foods movement will nominate themselves or be nominated, in more than 45 categories, in order to spread the word about these awesome rawsome initiatives.

The Nominations process will begin mid-September, followed by the voting season from November through December. The Awards Gala & Announcements will be in Los Angeles early in 2013.

New this year:

  1. Our logo and website are receiving a much needed facelift!
  2. Our VOTING PLATFORM is completely revamped and highly professional, offering an exceptional voter and contestant experience. Contestants will be able to see company images, videos and listen to any audios contestants care to upload, and vote with a click under the company logo. They can also immediately post to facebook any comments they care to make about their vote, and easily share their choices with their friends.
  3. We are announcing the first year of the Founder's Awards and the Advisory Board Peer Review Awards to satisfy the needs of our growing industry. These awards will include the Founder's Award for Innovation; The Lifetime Achievement Award; The Eco-Friendly Company Innovation Award; The Soil Quality Improvement Award; The Organic Produce & Farming Award; and The Children's Education Award.
  4. We are announcing our new Blog, which will focus on industry initiatives & news as well as highlighting eco-friendly innovations and "Sustainable Feast" related articles. 
  5. The Annual Awards Gala will return to its birthing grounds in Los Angeles, and will be an all day event, featuring music, comedy acts, speakers, the awards announcements, product give-aways, live sampling and live chef demos, and more. Tickets will go on sale soon at the website
  6. We are integrating a Plant Based Raw Foods Resource Directory this year as well. All Sponsors and advertisers will automatically receive a directory listing, and the community of raw foods products and services are welcome to register as well.
  7. This year we are also offering two Title Sponsorships of the event for the first time ever. With the support of Title Sponsors, we are co-creating a very powerful day long raw foods focused event with all the bells and whistles.

Having an awesome team on board helps us to get organized much earlier and create the event to the next level. Founder Laura Fox is very grateful for Michael Shields, Natan Mallinger, Jillian Love, Sara Paul and Paul Mamakos for coing on board and helping to give Best of Raw the facelift and upgrade it requires to fulfill its service mission for the planet.


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The-Boutenkos-288.jpg?width=288By Happy Oasis, Raw Spirit Community News

We were honored to enjoy an afternoon with Victoria Boutenko in Ashland's lovely Lithia Park this week. Victoria's authentic presence gladdens my heart, the way she looks into the soul of a person, fully listens and really sees. Victoria shared sumptuous cups of her papaya nettles smoothie. Just two ingredients, yet powerpacked with flavor and nutrition! We brought fresh-picked blackberries. Just one ingredient! :) Victoria also gifted us her four newest children's books, among her latest creations.

Victoria Boutenko's books for kids are precious, refreshing ways to joyfully introduce our little whippersnappers to the natural fun of enjoying raw greens and smoothies via playful paintings of hip animals eating greens. If you dare read them, be prepared to grin and giggle and to start your blender! Why believe me when you can have a look for yourself and purchase these essential, uplifting-while-edutaining reads at

The perennial researcher, Victoria, also relayed to us her current focus of enthusiasm: encouraging us Americans to read more of the classics. In contrast to best-sellers which may be more often about marketing hype than an author's genius, Victoria reminded me that reading classical literature with a deep mind, can ignite spiritual insights and more profound understandings. Yes, please.

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By Johnny Light

Let's listen to the words of Almitra speaking of Love from Kahil Gibran's seminal work The Prophet.

Moon Star

Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love. When you love you should not say, "God is in my heart," but rather, "I am in the heart of God." And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.

Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; And to bleed willingly and joyfully. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving; To rest at the noon hour and meditate love's ecstasy; To return home at eventide with gratitude: And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips."

- Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

Here's several great slide shows from soon-to-be-launched networks for your enjoyment.
Photo: Half Moon and Star

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Musical D'Light

Great Wave

By Johnny Light

Developing a musical social media network, network and blog for Fresh Wave Productions inspired by Hokusai's "Great Wave" decades ago. I intend this to become a powerful marketing and digital distribution website for music of all kinds including my own as Johnny Light.
Photo: The Great "Fresh" Wave by Hokusai

Here's a few links to music that I'm really enjoying these days.

  • Wanting a Light by Johnny Light is an original song from my "Fresh Wave" album produced in 1987. Whew, that was a long time ago!
  • One More Day is from one of my favorite performing arts groups "Gypsy Soul" who played a great outdoor concert two weeks ago and just released their new album "Wanderlust." Let's not take each other (or anybody in your life) for granted. Life is precious. If you had one more would you be? Who would you spend it with?
  • I Can Do Anything by Karl Anthony reminds us that we have the power to create whatever we want and need in our lives.
  • Your Know the Way by Karl Anthony reminds us that we already have the answers within.
  • By Thy Grace by Snatum Kaur is a beautiful song of praise and worship.
  • Are You Brave by Larissa Stow is from her album "Reaching Out."
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Beloved Friends

My Three Sons

By Johnny Light

Your life is the most precious gift of all. Waste not a moment in hasty pursuits of empty happiness, material comforts or over-consumption. Your best days will be remembered as those spent with your loved ones, not the days admiring your things. Give your precious children, your lover and family all attention and love you can.

The greatest gift we give each other is our undivided attention. Attention is energy and love. Giving without measure, without condition or the need to control is the greatest gift for growing your own heart.
Photo: My Three Sons

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Poetry of the Moment

By Johnny Light

These days I live in the poetry of the moment, touching the lives of others with pure, loving presence. Is there any other way to be? I listen compassionately to people from all walks of life, whether I agree with them or not. God gave us two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.

True friendship is an honest caring, a concern for each other, the ability to listen without judgment. ' Tis also the capacity to be there for each other in good times and bad. Beloved Friendship is the highest form of human relationship. I moved from the small town of Ashland into the country to my own retreat place on the Applegate river a year and a half ago after a two-year involuntary vacation.

Now I live on a wild river in nature with a private beach. This retreat is cultivating my own true nature. I enjoy sharing this experience with all my Beloved Friends. This summer will continue to be a celebration of life.

I spend hours upon hours on the shore or sitting on a rock in the midst of this rushing river, feeling, touching and sensing the infinite presence of Source. I lay on a hot rock like a lizard feeling the earth and letting the river rush through me. You and I are much bigger than we know. We couldn't be separate from Source if we wanted to be.

I offer these words as a gift, an invitation to each of you. Write poetry, create beautiful words that sing out from your soul. Write what you see and feel, then share your song with others, express your art as well in every form, shape and color. Photo: Cosmic Blue Monkey Jumpsuit with Guitar

Reverbnation Profile

Facebook Fan Page

MySpace Profile

Music Catalog


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Mentorship, Seminars & Teaching

Johnny Teaching

By Johnny Liberty

As some of you know I've done extensive teaching, mentoring, lecturing and training in the past including producing two 12-CD audio courses. The 2nd Edition of the "Success Education Course" has just been released. Photo: Johnny Liberty Teaching at Leadership Training - Maui

  • Getting the Most Out of Business & Social Networking
  • The Business of Green Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership of the Future
  • Being a True Human
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Video D'Light

By Johnny Liberty

Sirius Media produced and packaged a film of one of my seminars in Vancouver, BC entitled "The Taboo of Sovereignty, Money, Love and Power" several years ago, but I have not released the film. I intend to do so in the Spring of 2010.

In the meantime if you want a taste of some of my favorite videos visit the VodPod ICResource channel or YouTube ICResource channel and subscribe. There's even a short clip somebody posted of the infamous Johnny Liberty speaking on freedom and sovereignty way back in 1995 at the Granada Forum. Really I did that way back when? Seems like another lifetime already.

Photo: Young Johnny Light with Fresh Wave Tee-shirt

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Prayer of Carita

By Johnny Liberty

Here's a prayer that gave me strength through the trials of my recent past.

God, our Father, who is all Power and Goodness, give strength to those who are going through their trials. Give light to those who are seeking truth. Put compassion and charity in the hearts of all people. God, give the traveler the guiding star; the afflicted consolation; the sick rest. Father, give the guilty repentance; the spirit truth; the child a guide; the orphan a father. Lord, may Your goodness extend over all that You created. Mercy, Lord, on those who don't know You. Hope, for those who suffer. May Your goodness allow the consoling spirits to spread everywhere peace, hope and faith. Photo: Chartre Cathedral, France

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